My Story

20150810_091957-1_v2I got my start as a beautician while in high school. From an early age I was always artistic. My high school counselor planted the idea that I consider studying to become a beautician. As I had thoughts of becoming an artist, I made no decision at the time.

About the same time, back in the ’70’s, I had long hair and made an appointment to get the popular style at the time…the “Farrah Fawcett.” I described the look I was going for and sat in the chair anxious and excited to begin the transformation. Facing away from the mirror, I was unable to see the work in progress. When I turned around, I was shocked. I had a “Dorothy Hamill” haircut.

She had not listened to me! I recalled the earlier conversation with my counselor and decided right then to take her suggestion and become a beautician who would listen. By chance, years later at a hair show I ran into the person who had given me the “Dorothy Hamill” haircut. I thanked her and said because of her I chose this career and learned an important lesson–the importance and necessity of listening to your clients.